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Flat 11 Elizabeth House, Queen Caroline Street W6 9RB London, UK

Waterjet machines are used to cut and give shape for marbles (can be any item which is hard to give shape by hand) in designed figures and selected colours. With the use of this technology, we cut marbles into small pieces according to the design and use special adhesives to get them together to finish the beauty of art. Nowadays, this technology is commonly preferred since you may have infinite designs in your mind. Waterjet Marble Decoration is used mainly inHotel lobbies, building entrances, Shopping malls like places to get an elegance inside view. For many reasons you can also prefer this decoration for your kitchen, bathroom and corridors. Marble decoration gives aesthetic and luxury view where it is used. As material, Marble is very suitable and durable. There will be no worries about fire, hot and cold weather and physical changes in time. It is easy to clean and it keeps the floor free from dust. We believe that knowledge, experience and good service will separate us from others. We care about our products and service to deserve your pleasure.

Marble Fireplace Decoration is designed according to your choice of marble and colour. With special adhesives, marble pieces are assembled to form the design for a beautiful harmony in your living space. Beside beautiful decoration Marble Fireplaces are far more practical. It suits all house, commercial places, hotels etc. Because of its structure, you can use your fireplace for years without any problem. We are sure that you will be happy with your fireplace since we believe in our quality workmanship. Your pleasure will be our pleasure.

Choose your design we will make it real with local or imported Natural Stones. Draw your design we will make it real and make your living space fresh and spacious. It strengthens the wall and it is very practical. All installation is handmade and we make touchily workmanship to create the art. Your design inside or outside of your living space will be fascinating since we care about your comfort and value your imagination.

For a nice exterior look, we advise you to try the Natural Brick Wall Coverings. They are durable, quality and long lasting. We use special adhesives to build such kind of walls and arrange the bricks in a way that it looks almost the same in nature. Moreover, if you want your living space more natural and little bit different, you may consider our brick wall coverings for interior wall applications. Yes, it is used exterior decoration but why not use it in interior decoration.

Kitchen is important for a house. It values home. Day by day modern decoration becomes more common with extraordinary and charming designs in kitchens. We consider modern design with marble not only for dining table but also for whole kitchen. Marble in the kitchen means elegance, durable and practical use. You are free to choose any geometrical or non-geometrical table designs and for the rest of the kitchen, you have plenty of marble choices in different colours and formations. It is very easy to clean and you will have the hygiene in every corner of your kitchen. Our professional team will help you for the best choice and perform a great workmanship to deserve your pleasure.

Nowadays architects and designers have been using marble for their amazing designs. Homes, offices, commercial buildings, hotels like places become even more fascinating with well-designed inside decoration and wonderful marbles. Marble is used not only for kitchens and bathrooms but also for every part of the living spaces. Marbles for the inside decoration make your place look shiny, clean and impressive. They hold memories to be remembered for generations. If you ever think about what the best option for inside decoration in your living space would be, please take a look at the amazing work that we have done for our customers. We believe that we will make your dreams real.

Generally,it is used in kitchens and bathrooms of houses. In modern architecture we come across Marble Wall Designs more often. It changes the atmosphere and gives an elegant view to the living spaces. With carefully selected colours and patterns, your house will look posh and stylish. It can be in every dimension on the wall. Maybe it can be a design for two walls facing each other. Just let us know your design in your mind. Your home deserves that quality. Our profession is about marbles, rocks and their application. As we said before the beauty is hidden in details.

Like in Brick Wall Coverings, we select the best stone blocks for your pleasure and make your exterior and interior living spaces more attractive and charming. Offices, hotel lobbies, Coffee Shops, restaurants, bars and clubs are the places where this wall coverings suit better than anywhere else. Breathe the air of free nature in your home. You will feel as if you are living in nature with the aesthetic and elegant walls. Choose your colour and design which suit you and make you feel happy and free.

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We produce interior and exterior, marble decor, natural stone decor and coating solutions. Contact us for your information and reconnaissance requests